How to change profile email address for a trainer

Training companies and certification brands see a profile address on a trainer's WSB page. This address also can be displayed in the contact information for this trainer on a company’s website.

Note: a trainer can use different addresses for login and for the profile information. See this article to learn how to change login email address.

Profile address can be changed both by a trainer themselves and by a training company or certification brand that created their account.

For a trainer

To change a profile email: 

  1. Open the Account Settings in the dropdown menu
  2. Choose the Profile tab on the left side
  3. Click Edit
  4. Change the email address in the Email field and click Save.

For a training company/certification brand

To change a profile email for a trainer:

  1. Open the list of trainers in the top menu
  2. Choose a trainer
  3. Click Manage in the Profile tab
  4. Change the email address in the Email field and click Save.

Company managers can also change login email address for a trainer's account. To do this, they should tick the box next to the relevant option under the Email field.

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