What to do if you are not receiving WSB notifications

This article is for certification brands, training companies, and all types of trainers.

Workshop Butler sends various notifications to your email account - about WSB account creation, password reset, new registrations and evaluations, etc. It helps you keep up with the latest news and take necessary actions in a timely manner.

But what to do in a situation when you stop receiving emails from WSB? 

There might be various reasons why it happens. If you encounter such a problem, try the following:

Check your Spam or Junk folder

Sometimes, your spam filter gets too aggressive, marking important messages as Spam and putting them into the corresponding folder.

If you have found messages from WSB in the Spam folder, do not forget to mark them as safe to avoid similar situations in the future.

Check your email quota

Every email service provider allows you to store a certain amount of data on its server. When the limit is reached, messages stop coming. Some providers notify the email sender that the message could not be delivered while others inform you that the quota is reached.

In this situation, you should free up some space by deleting the messages you no longer need.

If you are using an in-house email server, make sure there are no restrictions which might prevent messages from being delivered

Some companies prefer to set up their own email servers as they have full control over them. Depending on the security settings they have chosen, our messages might not go through.

In case your company uses an in-house email system, you should discuss the matter with them. 

One of the solutions is to add our IP address to a whitelist:

Check your mailbox from different devices

It’s possible that the app or device you usually use to check your emails puts some restrictions on incoming messages.

If you find our messages when accessing your mailbox from another device, check the settings of the app or device where you don’t receive these messages.

Contact our support team

Write us at support@workshopbutler.com, describe what emails you expected to receive and when, as well as send us the email address where they were supposed to be delivered.

We will check if there are any possible issues on our side and get back to you with recommendations.

Contact your Internet and email providers

If the above-mentioned solutions haven’t worked, it’s possible that there are some issues with your Internet connection or with a third-party email provider you are using. We recommend you contact them directly to find out if there are any troubles.

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