Automated approval of evaluations

This article is for certification brands, training companies, and all types of trainers.

Due to historical reasons, the evaluations in Workshop Butler need approval from trainers or company managers. In most cases, manual approval is not needed and only adds hassle for users. To make your lives easier, you can order Workshop Butler to approve all submitted evaluations automatically. 

All accounts created later than 12 of January 2020 have automated approval of evaluations activated by default.

I am a trainer/manager of a training company...

Can I automate the approvals of all my evaluations?

Yes, you can. Read this article on how to do that.

Why some of my evaluations are approved automatically, and some of them I need to approve manually?

There could be two reasons for that:

  1. Your account doesn't use automated approval of evaluations, but you work with a certification brand that activated an automated approval of evaluations for all its licensed events. In this case, Workshop Butler approves evaluations automatically for licensed events of the brand.
  2. Your account uses automated approval of evaluations, but you work with Management 3.0 and/or Collaboration Superpowers brands. In this case, you need manually approve evaluations for licensed events of these brands. You can read below the reason why.
Why cannot I automate the approval of evaluations for Management 3.0 and Collaboration Superpowers events?

The automation of approvals is possible because Workshop Butler sends a unique evaluation link to every event attendee. When an attendee submits an evaluation, Workshop Butler can be sure that the attendee participated in the event. Management 3.0 and Collaboration Superpowers use old event-based evaluation link, so anyone with the link can submit an evaluation, even people who are not the participants. 

As the approval of evaluation activates the generation of a certificate, this could lead to a situation when a non-participant gets a certificate. To prevent these situations from happening, we decided to block automated approvals of evaluations for these two brands. 

I am a coordinator of a certification brand...

Can I automate the approvals of evaluations for licensed events?

Yes, you can. Read this article on how to do that.

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