How to automate the approval of evaluations - for certification brands

This article is for certification brands. If you're a trainer or manager of a training company, read this article instead.

Due to historical reasons, the evaluations in Workshop Butler need approval from trainers or company managers. In most cases, manual approval is not needed and only adds hassle for users. To make the lives of your customers easier, you can order Workshop Butler to approve submitted evaluations automatically. 

To learn more about automated approvals of evaluations, read this article.

All brands created after 12 of January 2020 have automated approval of evaluations activated by default.

To activate automated approval, follow the steps below:


Go to Account Settings -> Settings and find the block Automated Approval of Evaluations


Click Activate. Workshop Butler notifies active trainers about the change, you can see an example of the email below. The change is applied to running and upcoming events only. For past events, trainers still need to approve evaluations manually.  

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