Trainer's rating and personal statistics

Workshop Butler calculates and stores ratings and personal statistics for every trainer. This data can be displayed as promotional material on a website if it’s integrated with Workshop Butler.

Trainers can view this information from Account Settings - the Experience tab.

Training companies and certification brands should open the list of Trainers in the top menu -> choose a trainer -> open the Experience tab.

Statistics are displayed under the Experience section and divided by event categories.

Years of experience

This parameter is especially useful for licensed trainers. Event types assigned to a licensed trainer by a brand belong to one category with this brand’s name. Thus, you can check how long a trainer has been working with a brand. Thanks to subscription periods that brand coordinators can add, the system counts only the time when a trainer actually had an active license of this brand, without pauses between license renewal. 

Years of experience for categories added by a training company and a trainer themselves are counted from the moment a category has been assigned to this trainer.

Number of events 

Only confirmed events are counted towards this parameter.

Number of evaluations

A trainer should approve an evaluation for it to be added to the statistics.

Event rating

This parameter is calculated from evaluations submitted by attendees. Each evaluation form includes an obligatory question that cannot be removed or marked as optional: General impression of the trainer/facilitator.

Event rating is defined by the answers to this question.

Certification brands can choose to exclude free events from this rating as people tend to rate free events higher than paid ones. In this case, trainers' ratings will be recalculated after a coordinator activates the corresponding option.


NPS means Net Promoter Score and indicates customers’ willingness to recommend a product or a service. It’s another parameter in WSB that is calculated from answers to the non-removable question in every evaluation form - How likely are you to recommend this event to others?

Attendees are asked to give their rating on a scale of 1 - 10. Those who rate with 9 and 10 are called promoters and those who gave 0 to 6 are called detractors. To calculate NPS, the system subtracts the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters.

The last 4 parameters are calculated for all public events and for public events held in the last 12 months.

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