Difference between confirmed and unconfirmed events

This article is for training companies and trainers.

When you add a new event, there is a chance it won’t take place. The most frequent reason for it is a lack of attendees. In many cases, trainers have a policy that an event is on if there are more than 6-10 participants, and it could be cancelled or postponed two weeks prior to the start date. This state is called  unconfirmed and it’s a default one.

When you realise that you’re ready to run an event, you can change its state to confirmed.

The system handles confirmed and unconfirmed events differently. For a confirmed event:

  • the event reminder is sent to registered attendees
  • follow-ups and post-event emails are active
  • statistics on evaluations is visible
  • a generation of certificates is active if it’s possible to create certificates for the event
  • you get an invoice after the event ends if the event is a licensed one (you have to pay a fee for it)

None of the above is true for unconfirmed events.

confirmed state is passed through API so you can show on your website if the event is confirmed or not.

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