How to confirm or cancel an event

This article is for training companies and all types of trainers.

Workshop Butler helps you automate activities  before and after events. When you create an event, you get a whole set of features to manage attendees. However, you are not able to change their participation status, collect feedback or send follow-ups emails. For that, you need to confirm the event.

Event confirmation

To confirm the event, simply click the  Confirm button on the Event State tile. When the event is confirmed, the Evaluations tile appears and the attendees can start providing their feedback on the evaluation form.

You can also change the status of attendees to  Participated after the event is confirmed.

Event cancellation

Sometimes you are not able to get enough attendees to make the event profitable. The reasonable option, in that case, is to cancel the event. You also don’t pay anything for a cancelled event, according to our principle  Pay as you earn.

Information about a cancelled event and registered attendees are kept safe in Workshop Butler. You can reach the attendees of a cancelled event anytime and suggest participating in another training of yours.

You cannot cancel an event if it has the attendees with the  Participated status or with evaluations.
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