Participation status

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Participation Status of an attendee shows if a person participated in an event or not. Sometimes a person registers for an event but has to cancel their registration or simply does not appear. To separate participated and not participated attendees, use Participation Status.

Workshop Butler treats participated attendees differently:

How to Update Participation Status

There are several options:

  1. When you import attendees, you can set their status to Participated.

  2. For an individual student, you can update the status on the list of event attendees by clicking the Participated link.

  3. For all students at once, you can change the status from the dropdown menu in the list of event attendees.

  4. You can change the status from the dropdown menu in the Attendee profile.

  5. When you send an evaluation link to attendees who are not in the system yet, they are marked as participated automatically.
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