How to generate and regenerate a certificate manually

In some cases, you want to generate a certificate manually, without waiting for an evaluation from an attendee. And sometimes there is a need to regenerate a certificate and send it one more time.

E.g. You found out that the information on certificates is incorrect and would like to send a new certificate with updated information. In this case, you can edit and save the information about an event first, then regenerate a certificate for each attendee.

Workshop Butler provides options to both generate and regenerate a certificate.

Important note: You can generate a certificate only for those attendees who have the Participated status.

First, click on the Events menu at the top of the screen, find the event you need, and click on it to see the details.

From here, you have two ways to generate and regenerate a certificate.

From the list of attendees


Click on the View on the Attendees tile. Under Certificate, you will see those who have received a certificate already (they will have a number assigned to them) and those who haven't (they will have the Generate button):


To generate a certificate for the first time, simply click on  Generate near an attendee you want to send a certificate to. And to regenerate a certificate, hover over the number of a generated certificate. You will see the button with a round arrow that will send a certificate one more time:

From the attendee's page


Click on the View on the Attendees tile, then on the arrow to the right of an attendee's name to open their profile


Click on the arrow next to the Edit button on the right to open the dropdown menu and click Generate Certificate:

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