How to archive an event

This article is for training companies and all types of trainers.

If you don't plan to work with an event anymore, you can archive it. It will disappear from the list of past events and will be available only via the Archived filter.

To archive an event, open its page and click the  Archive Event button under the Event State tile.

Alternatively, you can archive an event from the list of  Events in the top menu: click on the down arrow next to the event you want to archive -> click Archive.

Important note: after an event is archived, registrations and evaluations become closed. Attendees won't be able to submit feedback even if they have evaluation links.

Information about archived events is kept in Workshop Butler. To see it, open the list of  Events in the top menu -> click on the Archived filter.

Event reactivation

You can reactivate an archived event anytime. For this, click  Reactivate Event on the Event State tile.

You can also reactivate it from the  Events list in the top menu: click Archived filter -> click on the down arrow next to the event you want to reactivate -> click Reactivate.

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