Subscription periods

This article is for certification brands.

There can be situations when a trainer suspended their license subscription for a while and stopped running licensed events. Naturally, you would like this pause to be reflected on the trainer's profile to adequately estimate their total training experience.

For this, there is a possibility to add subscription periods. They indicate the intervals when trainers were actually engaged in training activity using your license. 

Important note: Only Brand Coordinators can edit subscription periods and trainers can only see them. Information about periods is not available to attendees. However, if you have trainers' experience shown on your website, it will be calculated and reflected in accordance with the periods you set.


To add a subscription period, go to the list of Facilitators in the top menu and choose the trainer for whom you would like to add a subscription period. Then click on the License link on the left. 

You will see a license this trainer holds. Click on the Update License button below the license itself.


Here you can edit various information about the license including its periods of activity for this trainer. 

To set a period, choose its start and end dates. If you want to add another period, click the Add Period link below.


If a trainer has their license suspended for a long period and you would like to show only their recent experience on your website, put a checkmark near Exclude From Experience under the period you don’t want to count. All information about license activity for this trainer will still be available to you. However, on your website, only the recent experience will be shown.


Do not forget to save the changes by clicking the Save button at the end.

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