Excluding free events from rating calculation

This article is for certification brands.

By default, during the calculation of trainer ratings, Workshop Butler takes the evaluations for all confirmed events, no matter if these events are free or paid. It can lead to undesired results because people tend to rate free events higher than paid ones. In addition, the ability to run a successful free two-hours meetup does not always correlate with the ability to do a valuable two-day course. 

If you are not in favour of the above scenarios, you can exclude free events from the calculation of trainer ratings. To do that:


Open Account Settings -> Settings on the left-side menu.


Find  Exclude Free Events and click Activate. The changes are immediate and all free events, either existing or new ones, are excluded. However, it will take some time for the platform to update the ratings of trainers. You will get an email notification when the recalculation is over.

We highly recommend notifying your trainers that the recalculation took place. Otherwise, you may start getting questions about why the ratings are lower than expected. 

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