How to add a testimonial

This article is for training companies and all types of trainers.

Testimonials are a great way to promote trainers. With Workshop Butler, you can convert any evaluation into a testimonial with a couple of clicks. Or you can add testimonials manually if you collected them outside of Workshop Butler.

Trainers can view and manage the list of their testimonials by opening the Account Settings -> Experience tab -> Endorsements section.

Training companies can access it by opening the list of Trainers in the top menu -> choosing a trainer -> opening the Experience tab.

Certification brands can view this tab on trainer profiles too, but cannot edit it.

Convert evaluations into testimonials

Each evaluation form in WSB contains a non-removable obligatory field - “What were the specific qualities of the facilitator?”. Trainers and training companies can turn an answer to this question into a testimonial.

For this, do the following:

  • Open the Experience tab the way described above
  • Click on the +Add Endorsement button in the Endorsements section
  • Put a checkmark next to the review you want to turn into a testimonial
  • Click the Add Endorsement button.

Trainers have an alternative way to create testimonials right from the list of evaluations for an event:

  • Open the list of Events in the top menu or open the Dashboard
  • Find the event you need and click View on the Evaluation tile
  • Open the evaluation by clicking on the arrow button to the right
  • If the evaluation is still in Pending status, approve it
  • Click the Convert Review to Testimonial button.

Add testimonials manually

Follow the steps below to add a testimonial manually:

  • Open the Experience tab the way described above
  • Click on the +Add Endorsement button in the Endorsements section
  • Choose the Create New option
  • Fill in the fields: text of the testimonial, name and job role of the person who submitted it, and event category. If it’s a category of a brand, the testimonial will be shown only on this brand's website. If it’s not related to any brand, it will be shown anywhere
  • Click Save.

Important note: testimonials added manually don’t have a star rating. It’s calculated from another obligatory field in evaluation forms.

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