Activating Obligatory Evaluations

There are two ways for collecting feedback from workshop attendees: on-site via paper forms and off-site via electronic forms. Each method has its pluses and minuses. Though Workshop Butler has a built-in evaluation module, we respect the habits of every trainer and do not put unnecessary limitations. By default, trainers can  send certificates to attendees even if they have not filled in evaluations via an evaluation form. 

However, your business model may require that each attendee must provide an evaluation to get a certificate of attendance. For example, you want to attach the renewals of trainer licenses to the quality of their workshops. Trainer and event ratings which are calculated automatically based on the evaluations is a simple way for achieving this scenario. 

To connect the generation of certificates with evaluations, make evaluations obligatory. In this case, the platform does not allow trainers to send certificates to students until the latter gives their feedback.

How to Activate Obligatory Evaluations

Open Account Settings -> Profile
Locate Obligatory Evaluation section and click Activate