License agreement

This article is for certification brands.

To renew a license, a licensee needs to accept a license agreement. They will be redirected there after clicking a renewal link from a renewal notification the system send them.

Adding and editing an agreement


Go to  Account Settings -> choose License Types on the left-side menu -> choose a license type you need.


Сlick on the  Edit License Type button -> click Edit Noticiations in the lower right corner -> click Add Agreement in the lower right corner. You can edit it later the same way. 

Alternatively, you can add the agreement by clicking on the  Create link on the License Type screen.

Add Agreement Version. Your license agreement can change over time. We recommend assign a version to each change and add the version number to WSB to understand which version of the agreement you offer to a trainer.

Add Content. Here you need to add the text of an agreement, which a licensee should accept.


Add Consent. Write the text of the consent (e.g. I agree). For a licensee, there will be a checkbox which they should tick to accept an agreement and renew a license.


Save changes.

Deleting an agreement

To delete an agreement, click on the Delete Agreement link in the Add Agreement menu.

Important note: If there is no license agreement for a license type, a brand coordinator has to renew each license manually.

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