Managing license types

This article is for certification brands.

Each license you issue to a trainer belongs to a certain license type in WSB. License types help you split trainers into different categories. For example:

  • Charge different license fees for different license types and provide more services to the holders of a more expensive type of license.
  • Create different rules to acquire different types of licenses and separate trainers with badges.
  • Give access to different event types based on license types.

Adding a new license type


Open Account Settings -> choose License Type in the left-side menu.


Click Add License Type.


Add the name of a new license type.


Add tags if necessary. Tags appear next to this trainer’s name and all their events in WSB and are available via API. They help you understand which type of license this trainer has.


Choose event types for which this license is applicable and click Save.

Important note: you can choose several event types for one license type, but you cannot assign one event type to more than one license types. 


Set up renewal notifications, which are sent to a trainer when a license is about to expire. You can configure their number, content, and timing.


Add license agreement, its version and consent field. License agreement is necessary if you want to allow trainers to renew licenses by themselves. Without it, you will have to renew each license manually from your account.


Set the renewal period — a time frame within which a trainer can renew a license by themselves. Once it expires, a trainer has to contact a brand coordinator for renewal.

License type settings

You can edit the data listed above by clicking on the Edit License Type button next to each license type.

Deleting and deactivating license types

Deactivate. If you want to deactivate the license type but still keep it in the system, switch the tumbler next to the license type. Your licensed trainers won’t have access to the event types associated with the deactivated license type.

Delete. To delete a license type completely, click on the Delete link.

Important note: This option becomes available only if there are no trainers with licenses of this type in WSB.

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