License types

This article is for certification brands.

As you may know from another article, a license in Workshop Butler is a way to permit other people to use your content and run licensed events. Though some certification brands have one type of license for every trainer, others prefer to implement a more complex model. Here license types become handy.

License types help you to split trainers into different categories. It is up to you to decide how to use this distinction. There are a couple of obvious examples.

  • Charge different license fees for a different type, and provide more services to the holders of a more expensive type of license
  • Create different rules to acquire different types of licenses and separate trainers with badges.
  • Give access to different event types based on license types

To distinguish the holders of different types of licenses, use tags. A holder of the license and all their events will be tagged with these tags. For example, you create a Professional Trainer type of license with two tags, professional and premium. Then you give a license to Suzy. Now Suzy and all her events are tagged with professional and premium labels, which are available via API. 

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