How to assign a license to a trainer

This article is for certification brands.

You can assign licenses of different types to a trainer. However, you can assign only one license of each type.

The first license is assigned when you are adding a new trainer to Workshop Butler.

You can add more licenses from the trainer profile: 

1. Click Facilitators in the top menu

2. Choose a trainer to open their profile

3. Choose License in the left-side menu

4. Click the Add License button

5. Choose the license type, add the agreement version, subscription periods if necessary, and a fee.

6. Save changes.

Important note: if you have assigned licenses of all available types to a trainer, the Add License button will disappear from their profile.

How to revoke a license

You can revoke a license anytime by clicking on the Delete License link in the trainer profile.

How to renew a license

You can allow trainers to renew licenses by themselves

You can also renew each license manually from your account, although it's not recommended.

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