Licensed trainer profile

This article is for certification brands.

After you add a licensed trainer to Workshop Butler, you can manage information about them and their license in their profile.

How to access

Click on the Facilitators tab at the top menu -> choose a trainer.

if you see the list of training companies instead of trainers, click on the filter icon next to the Search field -> set the Licensee parameter to Trainer -> click Apply.

What's in there

Trainer profile contains the information you added when creating it, as well as the information a trainer adds by themselves.


Trainer's name

You add it when creating a profile.


Email address

You add it when creating a profile. This is the profile email where trainer gets all WSB notifications: about attendees' actions (registrations and evaluations) and about a license (renewal notifications). You can change this email address by clicking the Edit button. You can also set it as a login email by putting the checkmark next to "Set this flag if you want the trainer to use this email address to log into Workshop Butler". Trainers can change the profile email on their accounts as well.



You add it when creating a profile. A trainer can also add it on their account.



This section contains trainer's bio. It's usually filled in by the trainer themselves on their account. But you can add it as well by clicking the Edit button after the profile is created.



As a certification brand coordinator, you can assign badges signifying trainer's achievements.



You give the first license to a trainer when creating their profile. From this tab, you can edit licenses and delete them.

You can add more licenses using the dropdown menu next to the Edit button. 


Access to event types

Here you can give and revoke access to event types using sliders next to each type.

Available actions

You can manage the trainer's data using the Edit button. Trainers can also edit this information on their profiles.

You can limit the trainer's access to adding and managing events, as well as restore the access from the dropdown menu next to the Edit button.

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