How to add and assign badges

This article is for certification brands.

Badges are one of the features exclusive to the certification brand accounts. You can assign them to trainers as a token of your recognition of their achievements and contributions. 

The badges will be displayed in a trainer's profile in Workshop Butler and motivate them to deliver even greater performance. Moreover, you can show badges on your website along with other information about trainers thus promoting them and showing their achievements to potential attendees.

Adding badges

First, you should add badges to the system. In order to do this:


Go to Account Settings > Click on Badges on the left side menu > Click on the +Add Badge button

You will be presented with a form:


Fill in the Name of the applicable Badge, e.g. SuperStar


Select a Picture that you use as the Badge’s image.


Press the Save button. You will now be directed to the previous page and will see the new Badge added.

Assigning badges

Now, that you have added badges to the system, you can assign them to trainers' profiles:


Open the list of trainers in the top menu. 


Find the trainer you would like to assign a badge to and click on the Assign Badge button near them.


You will see the list of badges available. Those that have been assigned to this trainer already will be highlighted brighter and those that haven't will be transparent:


Click on the badges you want to add, then click Save.

That's it. The badges were added to the trainer's profile and they can see them there now.

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