Licensee types

This article is for certification brands.

Certification brands can issue licenses for two types of licensees - individual trainers and training companies.

A certification brand can use the same license types for both types of licensees. The difference is who will be handling license renewal and license event fees on the licensee end.

Licenses for individual trainers

A licensed trainer handles all license-related matters by themselves:

Licenses for training companies

A licensed training company takes upon itself all license-related matters:

  • Receive license renewal notifications to their contact email
  • Pay a fee for each licensed event.

Licenses to trainers can be assigned either by a company or by a brand.

A brand sets the limit of how many trainers a company can assign and can see the list of assigned trainers in the Trainers tab on licensed training company profile.

A certification brand can find the list of both trainers and training companies in the Facilitators tab at the top of the screen. There is a filter to switch between two types of licensees.

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