How to assign and manage trainers' licenses - for licensed training companies

This article is for licensed training companies.

If you have a licensed training company account, you can add trainers who will be allowed to conduct licensed events. The number of trainers you can add is defined by the certification brand who issued your license.

How to access licenses

To access licenses issued for your company, open Account Settings - Licenses tab on the left-side menu.

Here you can see how many trainers you can assigned, the list of trainers you have assigned already, and a license expiration date.

How to assign licensed trainers


Click Add Trainer button on the tile with the license.


Choose a trainer from the list.


Click Add Trainer.

When the maximum number of trainers is reached, the Add Trainer button disappears.

Important note: If a trainer already has an individual license of the same type, it will be converted into the sub-license of your company.

How to revoke access to licensed events

To revoke a license, click the Revoke button next to a trainer's name.

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