Automatic license prolongation

This article is for certification brands.

When a trainer’s license is about to expire, the trainer gets a series of emails from the platform asking about the prolongation of the license. These emails contain the link to a prolongation form.

When the trainer opens the form, they have two options: either accept or reject the prolongation. If they agree, the platform asks them to accept the license, and confirm some information like billing address. If they reject, then they need to provide a reason why they are doing so.

Expiration Emails

The platform assumes that the end date of any license is the last day of a month. If it’s not then a trainer can get fewer expiration emails when expected.

A trainer with an expiring license gets five emails:

  • on the 5th day of the expiration month;
  • on the 15th day of the expiration month;
  • on the 25th day of the expiration month;
  • on the last day of the expiration month;
  • on the next day after the license expired.

The content of these emails is configurable. However, it’s not possible to do via UI. To configure them, contact us.

You can also choose to send only one notification to a trainer. More about this below.

Prolongation Process

Let’s see in more detail how the prolongation process looks like.

When a trainer gets a prolongation email and clicks on the link, they have a choice.

Prolongation Request

If they decide to cancel the license, the platform asks them to provide a reason. If they prefer to prolong the license, there are several steps to follow:

  1. Update the living address
  2. Update the billing address where the trainer can choose an organisation that should be billed
  3. Confirm a license agreement

No matter what choice the trainer does, you get an email from Workshop Butler. You can also see the status of prolongation on the  Expiring Licenses widget on Dashboard.

How to Configure Automatic Prolongation


Go to the Account Settings, open the  License Prolongation tab, and click Automatic Prolongation

You will see the  Manual Prolongation option. Please, don’t use it. This feature is deprecated and will be removed soon.


During the prolongation process, a trainer needs to confirm the agreement. The text of this agreement should be added to the system.


Send us the content of prolongation emails to, and we upload them to your account

The prolongation emails support the Markdown format.


Define how you want to notify a trainer about the prolongation - with a single notification or a series of them. You can do it in the Renewal Notifications section:


If you want to limit the period during which the trainer can confirm the prolongation of the license, you can set the Renewal Period:

If a trainer tries to prolong the license after this period has expired, they have to contact you first. You can read more about the Renewal period and when it can be useful in this article.

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