License renewal period

This article is for certification brands.

A renewal period is a time frame within which a licensee can renew a license by themselves. After this period is over, they have to contact a certification brand about renewal and will receive the corresponding message if they try to click a renewal link. 

Renewal period is set when you add a license type. If you haven’t done it at that time or want to change it, do the following: 


Go to  Account Settings -> choose License Types on the left-side menu -> choose a license type you need.


Click on the  Edit License Type button -> click Edit Noticiations in the lower right corner -> click Add Agreement in the lower right corner -> click Edit Renewal Period.


There you will see the  License Renewal Period field. By default, it's set to unlimited, but you can change it.


Do not forget to save changes.

Important note: Licensees will be able to renew a license by themselves only if you have a license agreement added for this license type.

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