License renewal period

This article is for certification brands.

It might take some time for a trainer to decide whether they want to prolong their license. And when they finally do, several weeks or even months have passed.

As a certification brand coordinator, you want to be sure that, despite this pause, the trainer is up to date with the latest changes and new developments for the topic they are licensed for. 

To help you keep track of those pauses between license expiration and prolongation, there is the Renewal Period option. 

When a trainer’s license is about to expire, they receive a series of emails with the link to the prolongation form.  From this form, they can either prolong the license or reject it.

By default, the Prolong button is always active and the trainer might use it anytime they want. 

You can set the period by which this button is active. For this:


Open Account Settings and find the License Prolongation tab in the Settings section on the left.


There you will see the Renewal Period option where you can set the period when the trainer can prolong their license by themselves: 


Do not forget the save the changes by clicking the Update button.

If the trainer will try to prolong a license after the chosen renewal period has passed, they receive a message informing them that the renewal period has ended and asking them to contact their brand coordinator for further instructions.

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