Dashboard for certification brands

This article is for certification brands.

The dashboard shows important information about licensed event fees and licenses.

From it, you can switch to invoices or trainer profiles.

To open the Dashboard, click on the Dashboard button in the top menu. Here you will see two tiles: Invoices and Expiring Licenses.


This tile shows the total number of invoices for licensed events your brand has and the breakdown by invoice states:

Important note: Review, Final, and Cancelled parameters show the total number of invoices in this state. Paid parameter shows the number of Paid invoices during the current month. 

You can switch to the invoices of a certain state and manage them by clicking on the relevant number.

Here you can also see the total amount paid by trainers for licensed events for the last 5 months. Hover with a cursor over the graph for a certain month to see the number.

Expiring licenses 

This tile shows the information about licenses that will expire this month: trainer’s name, license cost, and expiration date.

By clicking on the trainer’s name, you can switch to their profile to manage their license.

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