How to subscribe trainers to MailChimp lists

This article is for certification brands.

Subscription of an attendee

If you are looking for ways of automating subscription of attendees, check the article MailChimp Integration: Subscription of attendees

With Workshop Butler, you can subscribe licensed trainers to one or several MailChimp lists automatically.

How it works

When you set up an integration with MailChimp, Workshop Butler tries to subscribe a trainer in these cases:

  • When you add a trainer for the first time
  • When trainers reactivate their licenses
  • When you manually prolong an expired license.

Depending on the configuration, Workshop Butler can also unsubscribe trainers from the lists. It happens when:

  • Trainer’s license expires
  • You delete a license
  • You update a license, making it inactive.

How to configure MailChimp integration


Go to the Account Settings, select MailChimp in the left-side menu and click Connect.


A chosen list must have only three required fields:  First name, Last name, and Email. This is a default setting for MailChimp. If you have more required fields, an automatic subscription fails.

In case you want to remove trainers from the list when their license expires or is ended manually, check  Unsubscribe when a trainer’s license expires flag.

Two newsletters

It’s common to have at least two newsletters: for the general public and for licensed trainers. It’s okay for trainers to be subscribed to the former when their license ends. However, you would want to unsubscribe them from the latter one, when their license expires, and their payments stop.

To handle this case, add two subscriptions to two MailChimp lists, and check  Unsubscribe flag for a trainer-only newsletter

When a new trainer gets a license or the old one reactivates an existing one, they get subscribed to MailChimp lists.

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