Support for PDU

This article is for certification brands.

PDU (Professional Development Unit) represents the number of hours an attendee was learning, or, in other words, an actual duration of an event in hours.

For example, trainers might set event dates from May, 11 10:00 till May, 12 20:00. But the actual duration of an event would be 5 hours each day. Then they could show the event duration as 10 hours total and add this parameter to certificates.

To activate Support for PDU, go to Account Settings -> open Settings in the menu on the left -> find the Support for PDU option and click Activate.

Your licensed trainers will see additional fields  Hours per Day/Total Hours when creating an event for one of your event types.

The number of hours can also be displayed on certificates if you add tag_event_duration to a certificate template.

If an event duration is not in a whole number of hours, trainers should use decimal numbers. E.g., if an event lasts for 2 hours 30 minutes each day, they could write 2.5 in the Hours per Day field. It will be displayed this way in the information about an event and on certificates.

Important note: another case when Hours per Day/Total Hours field becomes available for trainers is when you use Fee Per Hour price group.

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