How to create a great description for an event

This article is for training companies and all types of trainers.

In WSB, you can add an event description right in the Add Event form using our WYSIWYG editor. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get, which means that the description you add in the form looks exactly the same as the final result.

You don’t have to understand HTML or CSS to craft a good description. The editor will automatically convert the text you add into a code for your website. 

However, for tech-savvy users, direct HTML editing is also available.

Basic tools

You can edit the description using the basic tools in the top bar of the editor:

  • Add headings and convert them back to normal text

  • Apply text styles: bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, superscript, and subscript

  • Use text alignment

  • Add ordered and unordered lists

  • Create tables

  • Add hyperlinks

  • Embed images and video. By clicking on the image or video you’ve added, you will see additional options (position and caption):

  • Use Direct HTML editor

  • Change text direction: RTL for languages written from right to left (Arabic, Hebrew) and LTR for languages written from left to right (English, Spanish, German, etc.)

  • Change text and background colors 

More options are available by right mouse click in the editing window: emoji, spellcheck, Undo/Redo and Copy/Paste commands.

With this, you can create a simple yet stylish description for your event.

HTML editor

What if basic formatting options are not enough and you would like to customise your description further?

That’s when the HTML editor comes in handy. With it, you can make changes in the code directly without being limited by the editor’s basic options. What does it mean? More fonts, colors, sizes, and overall, more options to style your text.

Still, it’s important not to get carried away with text customisation if you want to get a well-formatted event description. The style rules you add might get in conflict with the style rules from the website where this description is shown. 

For example, your website has a style rule that all headings should be green without any background color. However, in the event description, you’ve made your headings blue with a gray background. Adding such a description to your website might lead to unexpected results.

At best, you’ll get the text formatted differently than you've planned. And at worst, the formatting will be ruined completely. 

Formatting tips

To prevent situations with incorrect formatting, we’ve prepared several recommendations for you. They help avoid the most frequent problems with the event description.


Use the “Paste as plain text” option.

This option is useful when you copy already formatted content from another source (for example, Google docs). It’s possible that this content will inherit the styles from its source, while you might be using different styles for your website.

We recommend adding the copied content to the description as plain text. You can edit the description in the editor itself after you’ve pasted it.

“Paste as plain text” option is available by right mouse click.

Alternatively, you can add formatted text as it is, then delete unnecessary style elements in the HTML editor.


Avoid large images.

Not only do they slow down the loading time on your website (if loads at all), but they can also break the content layout:

The recommended images width is less than 700 px: 


Avoid images with a fixed size.

This recommendation is for those who use the HTML editor. It’s possible to set fixed height and width for images in HTML. For example: <img src="/images/picture.jpg" width="300" height="300"> 

Since site visitors can view the content both from a desktop and from a mobile device, images with fixed size might be displayed too big or too small in one of the versions.

It would be better to just add the picture and let the browser handle its size depending on the device where it’s viewed.

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