Optimisations of event description

This article is for training companies and trainers.

When you create the description for an event in the WYSIWYG editor, it generates an HTML code, rendered by browsers. For example, the bold word is converted to <strong>bold word</strong>. In some cases, the generated HTML code may not be optimal and the description may not look as you expect on both desktop and mobile versions. 

To ensure that the majority of our users have a good-looking description without having any technical knowledge, Workshop Butler applies several optimizations to the event description. Some advanced users may get the results they do not expect due to these optimizations.

Optimization Reasoning Example
Sequences of spaces are narrowed to one space It usually happens by mistake and can lead to an undesirable representation of the description Input: test   test
Output: test test
Non-breakable spaces (&nbsp;) are replaced with ordinary spaces Non-breakable spaces can ruin the representation of the description on mobile screens and they are extremely difficult to detect for non-technical users. The usage of non-breakable spaces is not justified in 99% of cases.  Input: test&nbsp;test
Output: test test

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