Integration with Google Analytics

This article is for licensed trainers.

Google Analytics is the leading website analytics system. It gives you a clear view of how many visitors you have, who they are, how they behave on your website, etc. Using Google Analytics, you can track where visitors come from and improve your marketing channels.

How it works

Google Analytics works for built-in pages and integrated pages on your website. Currently, we support these actions:

  • a page view of event and evaluation pages. Each time a visitor opens an event or evaluation page, a page view is registered.
  • a new registration for an event.
  • a new evaluation of an event.

When a new attendee registers for an event or leaves an evaluation, Workshop Butler notifies Google Analytics about it. All events are under the  Workshop Butler category and have unique labels to identify events.

If two or more trainers run an event and they activated Google Analytics integration, these actions will be registered for all accounts. For example, Bob and Ellen run a Scrum Master course. When Sam registers for the course, Bob will see the registration in his Google Analytics cabinet. And Ellen will see it too.

How to activate the integration


Click on your Account Settings and open the Google Analytics tab in the Integrations section on the left.


Enter your Measurement ID and click  Save.


Can I track Google Analytics actions on the integrated event pages on my website?


What Google Analytics actions can I track with this integration?
  • event page views for built-in and integrated pages
  • evaluation page views for built-in pages
  • new registrations for built-in and integrated pages
  • new evaluations for built-in pages.
I want to track other actions. How can I do it?

Contact us and describe the case.

If I run an event with another trainer, are page views, registrations, and evaluations tracked for both of us?

Yes. If you and your partner activated Google Analytics integration, all actions are tracked by both accounts.

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