Configuring API

This article is for certification brands.

To give your customers the best experience, you can integrate a website of the brand with Workshop Butler. These are some examples of what is possible with the API:

  • show upcoming official events;
  • demonstrate the profiles of licensed trainers with ratings, a history of past events, testimonials of attendees, and more;
  • collect feedback from attendees;
  • accept registrations for the events.

We created two plugins for website integrations which makes the process of integration a breeze. Check them out.

For API documentation, follow this link.

When the integration is in place, you need to configure it. The configuration allows the platform to create correct links to licensed trainers and event attendees via email.

For example, you own domain, and after the integration, the URL to the evaluation form for an event looks like this: Workshop Butler doesn’t know anything about the structure of your website. To generate a correct link to the evaluation form, the platform should know how to map an event with the form on the brand’s website.

How to Configure API


Open account settings and select the  API tab in the left-side menu


Activate API if you haven’t done it yet. After the activation, the API key appears. You need the key to perform all API requests.


Click the  Specify URLs button to configure the links from your website.

  • Specific event. This URL links to an event’s page on the website. *EventId* token will be replaced by the ID of an event.
  • Specific facilitator. This URL links to a page of trainer’s profile on the website. The platform replaces *FacilitatorId* token with the ID of a trainer.
  • Evaluation form for a specific event. This URL links to the evaluation form of an event. The platform replaces *EventId* and *FacilitatorId* tokens with the ID of an event and trainer respectively. *EventId* is required, *FacilitatorId* is optional.

You can specify all or only a few URLs. For the unspecified URLs, the platform will use hosted pages.

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