How to merge contacts

Sometimes, a person registeres to different events using different email addresses. Consequently, the system creates different contact profiles associated with each of these addreses. 

To have all participation history in one place, you can merge several contact profiles into one. 

What information will be displayed in the merged contact profile?

After merging, the contact profile will contain all email addresses. You can use any of them to find the contact in the list.

As for other information, the contact you choose first is the main one. It means that the information from it (e.g. name or home address) will be displayed in the merged contact profile, while the information from the second contact (the one you will merge the first profile into) will be overwritten. 

For example, you have two contacts you want to merge with different email addresses and slightly different personal information:

Name: Anne Smith 
Email address:
Home address: 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA, United Kingdom

Name: Anne T. Smith
Email address:
Home Address: 432 Chapel Street, Manchester, WIP6HQ, United Kingdom

You choose the first profile (Anne Smith) and merge it into the second one (Anne T. Smith). After merging is complete, the following information is displayed in the profile: 

Name: Anne Smith 
Email address:,
Home address: 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA, England

You can change this information by clicking the Edit Contact button. 

How to merge?

1. Click on Contacts in the top menu and choose a contact you want to merge. As mentioned above, this will be the contact information from which will be displayed in the newly merged contact.

2. In the contact profile, click the arrow next to the Edit Contact button and choose Merge.

3. Enter the name of the second contact you you want to merge this one into.

4. Click Merge.

Important note: merging of contact profiles will not affect attendance records. The attendance record will still contain only the email used for registration to this particular event. 

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