Evaluation forms - how to add, edit, and delete sections

This article is for training companies and trainers.

Sections allow you to group fields in a logical way. For example, if you have several questions about training content, it's a good idea to put all questions regarding the content under the Content section. Grouping fields help reduce a cognitive effort for attendees who fill in your form. 

There are four default sections in Workshop Butler: General Impression, Personal Experience, Content, and Host/organizer, coming in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch languages. In many cases, it's more than enough. However, if you need a new section, it's easy to create one. 

Hint: To manage sections, open Account Settings and navigate to Evaluation Form in the menu to the left. Here you can either create a new template by clicking the Add Configuration button or edit an existing one. Read this article to learn more about managing evaluation forms.

Create a section

To create a section, click on the corresponding button on the right side of the configuration menu and add a section name.

You can also add a translation for one or several languages. Read this article to learn how WSB chooses a language for an evaluation form.

The section you add will appear in the list on the right side. Here you can see all sections you have - default ones and those you have created. Sections that are currently present on a template have a lock icon in the list. And sections that have been removed, are marked with a three-line icon, meaning that you can add them.

To add a section to a template, use the Drag and Drop option - hold the section and drag it to the left. 

To change the position of a section in a template, drag it the same way by holding the three-line icon next to the section name.

When you start adding questions, they will appear in the list on the right side under the respective sections. 

Edit a section

You can edit only the sections you have created by yourself, not default ones.

To edit sections in the list on the right side, click on the pencil icon next to the section name. 

To edit sections that are present in the form, click on the Edit button next to them.

Do not forget to save the changes.

Remove a section

You can remove sections you have added from a template or delete them from the system completely.

To remove a section from a template, click on the trash bin icon next to the section name. It will disappear from the template on the left but will stay in the list on the right side.

To delete a section from the system, click on the trash bin icon next to the section name in the list, then confirm the deletion. This action will remove a section from all templates in your account.

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