Evaluation forms - how to add, edit, and delete questions

This article is for training companies and trainers.

Workshop Butler offers a set of default questions that appear in event evaluations most frequently. You can remove and add these questions again except for the two fields - Rate your overall experience, which is used to calculate trainers’ rating in WSB, and Share your overall impression, answers to which can be converted to testimonials by trainers and shared on social media by attendees.

If the default questions are not enough and you would like to ask something else, you can add your own questions. 

Hint: To manage questions, open Account Settings and navigate to Evaluation Form in the menu to the left. Here you can either create a new template by clicking the Add Configuration button or edit an existing one. Read this article to learn more about managing evaluation forms.

Create a question

To create a question, click on the corresponding button on the right side of the configuration menu.

Before you add it to the form, you should set up several parameters:

Choose the section you want to add this question to

Sections are used to group related questions together. When you click on the corresponding field, the dropdown list of all existing sections (default and custom ones) will appear. You can move a question to another section anytime.

Choose the question type

At the moment there are 7 field types:

  • Short Text and Long Text for open-ended questions
  • Dropdown for several predefined choices
  • Rating, Star Rating, and Percents/NPS to rate different aspects
  • Checkbox to receive attendees’ consent.

The question types which can be answered in a similar format are interchangeable. It means that you can change the type even after the question was created. For example, you can change Long Text to Short text, as they are both open-ended types. However, you cannot change Short Text to Rating or Dropdown.

Add the question label

Label is a short version of the question that defines its point. For example, a question that an attendee sees could be “How old are you?”, while the label for this question would be just “Age”. It is shown instead of the full question in the system’s interface when a trainer checks an evaluation or export results in a CSV file.

Add translation

This parameter is optional. If you run events in several languages, you can add translation to all of them by choosing the language from the dropdown list and clicking the Add Translation button. Read this article to learn how WSB chooses a language for an evaluation form.

Save changes and add the question to the template

After you have finished configuring a question, click the Save Changes button. The question will appear under the respective section in the list on the right side of the screen. 

To add a question to a template, use the Drag and Drop option - hold the question and drag it to the left. To change the position of a question in a template, drag it the same way by holding the three-line icon next to the question name.

Alternatively, you can add all questions to the section on the list first, then drag the whole section to a template.

Make the question required

For this, simply toggle on the Required option next to the question in the form. If you do this, your attendees will have to fill in this field to submit an evaluation.

Edit a question

You can edit only the questions you have created by yourself, not default once.

To edit questions in the list on the right side, click on the pencil icon next to the question name. 

To edit questions that are present in the template click on the Edit button next to them.

Do not forget to save the changes.

Remove a question

You can remove questions you have added from a template or delete them from the system completely.

To remove a question from a template, hover over it with a cursor, then click on the trash bin icon. It will disappear from the template but will stay in the list on the right side. 

To delete a question from the system, click on the trash bin icon next to the question name in the list, then confirm the deletion. This action will remove a question from all templates in your account.

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