Evaluation forms in different languages

This article is for training companies and all types of trainers.

Though many products believe that English is the only language that matters, we think differently. Your evaluation forms could be in seven supported languages - English, German, Spanish, Portugues, French, Russian and Dutch, and we are working on adding more. Read further to learn some specifics about form translations.

Default Language

When you open a form configuration page for the first time, you see a cryptic Default Language field at the top of the form (see the example below). 

Workshop Butler uses a translation in the default language when it cannot find a translation in the requested language. For example, you created two sections, one in English and German (Content and Inhalt), and another one in English (Host). You also set English as the default language. When an evaluation form should be in German, Workshop Butler tries to find German translations for both sections. While it succeeds in the first case (Inhalt), it fails in the second case and switches to the default translation (Host)

The translation in the default language is required and WSB doesn't allow you to save a section or field if their values are empty for the default language.

Language of the evaluation form

Workshop Butler uses a spoken language of the event to render its evaluation form. If the spoken language of your event is French, the evaluation form will be in French. If it is Dutch, the evaluation form is in Dutch. 

In case you have two spoken languages, the first one is used. 

I don't see my language on the list

We are a small team and we cannot support all languages out of the box. However, we value our users and gladly accept help from the community. If you don't have your language on the list, follow the link to Google Sheet, request the edit access and add a translation. We'll add it to WSB with a community badge.  

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