Support for learning modules

This article is for certification brands.

Workshop Butler supports various complex schemes to calculate licensed event fees: based on countries, workshop types, hours, and participants. Learning modules give you another layer to differentiate fees for events. 

Each event usually consists of several themes (or learning modules). Their composition differs from event to event based on the experience of attendees and their requests. On top of that, some events can be longer and cover fewer themes, others are longer and cover more themes. Thanks to learning modules, you can charge these events differently.

It works this way:


You activate the support for learning modules. To do that, go to the  Account Settings -> Settings on the left-side menu.


You create price groups with different fees for a different number of modules.


On event confirmation, Workshop Butler asks trainers to provide a number of modules they use during the event. The number of modules is taken from the price groups you created. Trainers are not able to add a random number of learning modules.

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