Interaction between training company, fully-managed and partially-managed trainers

There are two types of accounts for trainers working with training companies: fully-managed and partially-managed. Their rights in the system and the level of their interaction with a company differ.

Training company - Fully-managed trainer

Fully-managed trainers can work only with events created by a training company they belong to. In this case, almost all of the processes of event creation and management in WSB are handled by the company itself.

What fully-managed trainers can do:
What fully-managed trainers can NOT do:

Training company - Partially-managed trainer

Partially-managed trainers can create and manage both events belonging to a company or their own independent events.

For the events belonging to a training company, they can either manage it completely by themselves or delegate management to a company.

What partially-managed trainers can do: 

It’s possible to change an account type after it has been created. For this, a training company should contact our support team.

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