Main license and license add-on

This article is for certification brands.

Usually, licenses are independent from each other and if one license expires, it doesn't affect others. But it's also possible to use license add-ons, which will expand the main license and will depend on it.

Specifics of license add-ons

  • It has the same properties as the regular license: event types, renewal notifications, license agreement, renewal period.
  • It's active only while its main license is active. 
  • If a main license expires, the license add-on stops working as well even if it hasn't expired yet. It means that a licensee loses access to event types associated with both main license and add-on.
  • If a main license is renewed, a add-on becomes active again (if it hasn't expired yet).
  • If a main license is deleted from a licensee's profile, add-on is deleted as well.
  • It's not possible to add an add-on to a licensee's profile, if a licensee doesn't have a main license.
  • Add-on has its own expiration date which needs to be renewed separately. If an add-on expires, it won't be active even if a main license is still active.

How to add a license add-on

Currently, it can be done only from our side. If you would like to add it, please get in touch with us. 

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