How to configure a Custom Sending Domain

This article is for certification brands, training companies, and all types of trainers.

All customers can configure a custom sending domain so their clients receive messages from their own domain, not from Workshop Butler. Depending on the type of your account, you can use your domain to send these messages:

For certification brands:

For training companies and trainers:

Configuration Guide

To configure a custom sending domain, you must have access to your DNS records. This way SparkPost - the service we use to send email messages - can prove that you're the owner of the domain. 

Add a custom domain

Go to Account Settings -> Settings and locate the section Custom Domain. Click Activate and add your domain, like

Important note: do not include prefixes like 'www' or 'https' when adding a domain.

Update DNS records

As soon as you add the domain, the system provides you with instructions on what to do next. It should look like this:

Now it's time to go to a DNS panel and add two records:

  • TXT record
  • CNAME record.

After that, you'll wait for about 10-20 minutes and click Check Verification. This time is usually enough but it could take up to 24 hours for DNS records to update. 

Check Contact/From or profile email address

Your Contact/From email (for training companies and certification brands) or profile email (for training companies) should belong to the same domain you have added and verified. If it's different, Workshop Butler asks you to change these email addresses.

Find instructions on how to change the profile email address here.

To change Contact/From email addresses for a company or a brand, open Account Settings -> Settings tab in the left-menu -> press the Edit Info button -> change email addresses in the Company Contact and From sections -> save changes.

The moment a verification is over and all email addresses are correct, Workshop Butler starts using your domain to send messages to your clients.

Check the SPF record

Make sure that the SPF record for your domain authorizes SparkPost (our email provider) to send emails from it. Otherwise, there is a chance that WSB notifications will be rejected or marked as Spam by a receiver.

To add Sparkpost to autorized senders, add "" to your SPF record. For example, like this: TXT "v=spf1 ~all"
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