How to delete an attendance record

This article is for training companies and trainers.

There might be situations when you need to completely delete the information about event participation by an attendee. For example, you want to leave in the list of attendees only those who actually took part in an event.

In this case, you can delete an attendance record.

Attention: If you delete an attendance record, all information related to an attendee's participation in an event will be deleted: ticket info, payment and participation statuses, an evaluation and a certificate (if an attendee participated in this event). It won't be possible to restore it.

To delete an attendance record:

  1. In the top menu, go to the Dashboard or to the list of Events and open the event from which you want to delete a record.
  2. Click View on the Attendees tile.
  3. Click the button with an arrow next to the name of an attendee to open the attendance record.
  4. Click the arrow next to the Edit button on the right to open the dropdown menu and choose Delete.
  5. Confirm deletion.

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