How to Customise an Evaluation Form

Built-in evaluation module helps you to collect feedback from attendees and understand what to improve in an easy way. Default evaluation form contains many questions which your participants may find difficult to fill in. To deal with such a situation, you can configure what questions should be visible to attendees and which one should be required.

Tip: if your attendees don’t speak English, you can select from several other languages for the evaluation form.

There are three system fields you cannot change now:

  • A general impression of the trainer. The platform uses this question to calculate a workshop’s and trainer’s ratings.
  • Facilitator’s review. The platform uses it to make an endorsement.
  • A recommendation is here to compute a trainer’s Net Promotion Score.

We plan to loosen these constraints in the nearest future. 

Open your profile and click  Evaluation Form in the left-side menu.
Check  Include for a question you want to add to an evaluation form. Check  Require if you want attendees to always answer the question.

To save the changes, click  Save & Update Events button. Your future and running events will have a new evaluation form.
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