Fully-managed and partially-managed trainer profile

This article is for training companies and trainers.

After you add a fully-managed or a partially-managed trainer to Workshop Butler, you can manage information about them in their profile.

How to access

Click on the  Trainers tab at the top menu -> choose a trainer. You can filter trainers by the categories they have access to and their status (active, pending, fired), or use the Search field to find a specific trainer.

What's in there

A trainer profile contains the information you added when  creating it, as well as the information the trainer adds by themselves.


Trainer's name and photo

You add a name when creating a profile. You or the trainer can upload a photo after the profile has been created.


Email address, website, and links to social media profiles

You add an email address when creating a profile. This is the profile email where the trainer gets all WSB notifications about attendees' actions (registrations and evaluations). You can change this email address by clicking the Manage button. You can also set it as a login email by putting the checkmark next to "Set this flag if you want the trainer to use this email address to log into Workshop Butler". Trainers can change the profile email on their accounts as well.

You can add the trainer's website and social media links, or the trainer can do it by themselves.


Address and birthday

You add it when creating a profile. The trainer can also add it to their account.


Bio and interests

You or the trainer can fill in this section after the profile has been created. This information can be displayed on the trainer's profile on your website.



You or the trainer can upload the signature after the profile has been created. A signature is used during certificate generation.


Languages and countries

By specifying languages and countries you help website visitors to find a trainer using the country or language filter.

You or the trainer can set these parameters after the profile has been created.



Here you can give and revoke access to event types by checkmarking them. Trainers cannot manage this tab.



You can display the information from this tab on the trainer's profile on your website.

Some of the information here is calculated automatically, based on evaluations received by the trainer and by the events they conduct.

You or the trainer can upload articles, case studies, or videos to show them on the publicly visible profile. 

You can also convert evaluations to testimonials or add testimonials received elsewhere.


Certificate templates

In this tab, you can see the certificate templates this trainer can generate for their attendees.

Available actions

You can manage the trainer's data using the  Manage button. Trainers can also edit this information on their profiles.

You can fire a trainer who no longer works with you.

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